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Model UN: A Students’ Perspective

As we blogged about a few weeks ago, we had a fantastic group of students from all over the Greater Boston area participate in UNA-GB’s Invitational Model United Nations Spring 2011 Conference (IMUN) at the beginning of March. More than 250 middle and high schoolers from over a dozen Boston-area schools eagerly stepped into the shoes of diplomats, representing more than 40 countries, and spent the day taking on the world’s most pressing issues, including the crisis in Haiti, human organ trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and migrant workers.

Here is a sample of what students had to say about the day:

  • “What I enjoyed most about the Model UN Conference was getting to meet other people and discussing international issues.”
  • “Model UN taught me to understand more about the conflicts in the world and how they can be solved with help from other people. It also taught me how ideas and solutions from our own countries can assist others as well.”
  • “Model UN has really interested me in world issues and debating. Now, when I grow up, I definitely would like to do something to help my country and others.”
  • “Model UN has made me more comfortable talking in front of people now this proves I can be a teacher in the future.”
  • “Model UN is helping me understand the world, and I want to do things, and take every opportunity to help the world.”

Don’t just read about what the young people have to say – you can watch them too!  Check out our video from the IMUN Conference and spread the word that Model UN makes a difference for our young people!

You can also help us reach even more urban students by donating today.  You can also encourage the youth in your life to participate in Model UN (including our brand new summer camp this upcoming July!!).  Remember, Model UN rocks!