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An Intern’s Trip Around Europe

One of my all time favorite quotes says, “The world is an open book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  When I first read this quote, I told myself that I would like to read as many pages as I can. So I applied it to my life. Growing up, I was always an adventurous child. I was very curious to learn more about the world, people, food, different cultures, landscapes, and all the history. As I grew, I had the privilege of traveling to a few countries. Through that, I set my bar high and told myself that I would travel around the world one day. I just didn’t know when I would start.

I have never been a New Years resolution fanatic. I get bored reading all the Facebook posts every December/January about the endless lists of resolutions that my friends make (don’t tell them)! Just 3 years ago, I told myself that I will join the “New Year’s resolutions boat” in a fun and positive way and start fulfilling my wish of traveling around the world. I set a goal and told myself that every year, I have to travel to at least 3 countries that I have never been to, and that was the beginning of my journey. I have always been very fond of Europe, the culture, the dress style, the men, the accents, the vibe, you name it! When I planned my travels, I figured i would start exploring Europe.

Europe is a very beautiful continent with wonderful people who are so friendly. If you live in United States, you may find Europe to be very expensive but the experience you’ll get is worth every penny. Among all the European countries I’ve visited, below are a few of my favorites and what’s special about them.


First, Norway is a must visit country! The history, the culture, the food,and its nature (not to mention the beautiful men) are among many reasons why I love Norway. You will feel safe, fall in love with the people and cities, and get lost in the astonishingly beautiful nature that it offers. While I was there, I took a train ride from Oslo all the way to the world’s largest ski jump area called Holmenkollen where you get the views of the whole city of Oslo. I all got a chance to see the deepest lake in Europe, Hornindalsvatnet!

London3Secondly, is there anybody out there who does’t like the British accent? Because I totally do and that is one of my reasons why I love England! I have to say that London is one of the cites that I have been to that has the most upbeat and amazing vibe. It just makes you want to get up and go. I love everything about London, except for the unpredictable weather! But London is one reason why I own a pair of rain boots and a raincoat because I want to be prepared every time I visit. Oh, and I love to jump in puddles so the English weather is not an issue anymore!  Last but not least, the transportation system is so much fun. Riding the tube almost makes me feel like I’m a Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. The voice announcements are just so delicious for the ears to hear!

IcelandIceland has another-worldly beauty that will keep your head turning from every direction and point you are at. I am big into nature and I like to visit scenic places. I was amazed at how much beauty Iceland has to offer. From the city of Reykjavik, to the waterfalls, and geysers; this country is a must see! The Vikings and their history, not mentioning the food that you can eat such as horse steak and shark! And Icelandic man once said to me “the world call it horse and shark, we call that food.” I tried horse steak while sitting in a historic Icelandic restaurant that had viking sculptors, hangings, and decorations all over. Not sure I would have it again, but how cool is it that I got to try it at all?!

LuxembLastly, Luxembourg is the first European country I first fell for, my first love (as I call it). If you like clean cities and are kind of allergic to large crowds, then Luxembourg is one of the places you must visit. You will get a breath of fresh air that you get from its beautiful nature, without worrying about breathing in carbon dioxide from other people around you. I do not recall seeing a single bit of litter while walking all over the cities of Luxembourg. It is spotless!

So there are my favorite European countries. What are yours and why? Hopefully I get to travel a lot more in the coming months and will be able to update you on my new favorites!