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Students make a difference through Model UN Issues!

Students in the after school Model United Nations Club at Dr. Arthur F. Sullivan Middle School in Worcester, MA were tackling the ever present global issue of malnutrition.  It soon occured to them at the issue of malnutrition was not only prevalent in the developing world, but also right in their own backyard. They wanted to do something to help the undernourished in Worcester County. The found a local-community level solution to a global problem.

So, the Sullivan Middle School Model UNers partnered with the Sullivan Middle School student council to sponsor a food drive throughout their school. All of the donations went to the Worcester County Food Bank, the primary hunger relief agency in Central Massachusetts.

The Sullivan Middle School Model UN students did an amazing job of translating a major global issue that was presented to them as a issue pertaining to international affairs into a local issue and took action to solve malnutrition on a grassroots level.