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A World of Changes: Week of 7/11 News Roundup

This week brought so many changes. To start, last weekend Southern Sudan declared its independence followed by being admitted into the UN as the 193rd member this week.

The world along with the UN supports the new member state as the nation’s flag waves outside the UN Headquarters in NYC.  Along with excitement for the potential of this new nation, comes concern for the challenges it will face as a new nation in the world.

With the welcoming of a new nation, this week was also faced with unfortunate attacks in another world’s nation. There was an attack in the city of Mumbai, India, killing 21 and injuring 141 people. The UN’s Security-General Ban Ki-moon stays concerned that these attacks go against our world strive towards goals towards global peace and global security.

The UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon continues to hope for positive progression in the world, in his support of Doha Documents for Peace in Darfur signed by the Sudanese Government and Liberation and Justice Movement. This agreement will work towards stopping the violence that 300,000 people have lost their lives to in the 8 years of violence.

As the world faces many challenges, good news came this week to cure diseases and save lives around the world specifically for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Medicines Patent Pool and Gilead Sciences participated in an agreement that would give people in developing countries the opportunity to have medicine to fight against the disease. Antiretroviral medicine has also been recognized this week as having the potential to save lives by acting as protection against the disease for those not exposed to it. This gives people in environments that the disease is a caution the opportunity to stay protected. With all of these great advances for HIV/AIDS, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also has agreed to donate $1 million dollars to support new ideas towards the fight against HIV/AIDS as well malaria. These new advances this week in the medical world give hope to the potential of reaching the MDG #6 as we continue to get closer and closer to the 2015 goal.

Stay involved with our world news as well hope for good change and progression in our global future.