Boko Haram: Weakened? Active?

It’s been almost a year since the Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted by the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram. April 15 of this year will mark the anniversary of the gruesome day that the world, Nigerians, and especially the victims and their loved will always remember. Lives were taken, the promised futures were ended short, and people’s lives were shaken as a result of Boko Haram.

What is the update on Boko Haram?

Since the brutal kidnapping, the attention that Boko Haram received brought international awareness from many international organizations and countries. Although the group has been terrorizing Nigeria for over 5 years now, they made international headlines just from last year when they abducted the school girls. Looking back from April 2014, although Boko Haram is still on the rise and continue to commit gruesome acts, the former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan told BBC that the terrorist group is “getting weaker everyday.”

2177170260Some people may disagree that Boko Haram is getting “weaker everyday” considering all the news reports that have been centered about the group. Not mentioning their weekly continual attacks on Nigerians and other citizens of surrounding countries. In January this year, the group made the headlines again after they attacked a village in Nigeria, killing hundreds to thousands of people. Amnesty International referred this horrendous act as the “deadliest attack” that the group has carried so far. In a village called Kanu, the Islamist militants drove around the village firing bullets everywhere while the helpless residents run for their lives, seeking refuge in the bushes.  In the end, reports claimed that at least about 2,000 people were feared to be dead, with at least 30, 000 of them being displaced (CNN).

In February this year, BBC reported that Boko Haram attacked Chad, the first attack they have carried in the country. The Islamic militant group were seen crossing Lake Chad “in four motorboats and attacking a village.” More than 10 people were reported dead. Houses were destroyed until the Chadian army got involved and drove out the militants. Cameroon, Niger, and Chad are the new countries that the Islamic militant group has attacked recently. Again, the militant group has been covering the news with new attacks claimed almost every other day.

From March 7 through March 29, the militant group claimed attacks that left many people dead and some wounded. Suicide attacks were carried out, bombs were blasted,shots were fired, peoples lives lost, and many others left in fear as a result of this militant group. Just a few days ago on March 28th, Nigeria held presidential elections. Boko Haram islamists attacked some voters and left at least 11 people killed and some injured.

Looking at the reports from the last 3 months, is it true that the Islamic militant group is getting weaker and weaker (as former President Goodluck Jonathan stated)? Or is it because not many of their attacks are covering international news anymore? The former President of Nigeria may claim that Boko Haram is getting weaker, but the militant group seem to be very active and killing people everyday. As for the abducted girls,only less than 30 school girls escaped Boko Haram since April 14 last year,  It’s been almost a year, and over 200 school girls of them remain captured. Let us continue to fight for and #BringBackOurGirls. (Read our first post about #BBOG here)



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