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In preparation for our upcoming Taste of Turkey event, with Turkish Airlines and the Turkish Consulate General at Sofra Bakery, we decided to brush up on our Turkish cuisine knowledge and share our findings with you. Whether you managed to get a ticket (tickets sold out in 24 hours!) or just want to learn more yourself, read on!

Turkish cuisine is a fusion cuisine – taking influence from the surrounding countries, but adding unique twists for a vast array of specialties.


“Similar to other grand Cuisines of the world, it is a result of the combination of three key elements. A nurturing environment is irreplaceable. Turkey is known for an abundance and diversity of foodstuff due to its rich flora, fauna and regional differentiation. And the legacy of an Imperial Kitchen is inescapable. Hundreds of cooks specializing in different types of dishes, all eager to please the royal palate, no doubt had their influence in perfecting the Cuisine as we know it today. The Palace Kitchen, supported by a complex social organization, a vibrant urban life, specialization of labor, trade, and total control of the Spice Road, reflected the culmination of wealth and the flourishing of culture in the capital of a mighty Empire. And the influence of the longevity of social organization should not be taken lightly either. The Turkish State of Anatolia is a millennium old and so, naturally, is the Cuisine. Time is of the essence; as Ibn’i Haldun wrote, “the religion of the King, in time, becomes that of the People”, which also holds for the King’s food. Thus, the reign of the Ottoman Dynasty during 600 years, and a seamless cultural transition into the present day of modern Turkey, led to the evolution of a grand Cuisine through differentiation, refinement and perfection of dishes, as well as their sequence and combination of the meals.” (Turkish Cultural Foundation)

Delicious food at Sofra!

Delicious food at Sofra!

You might most easily recognize Turkish desserts, which have become extremely popular in many western cultures, like baklava and Turkish delights, but the savory delights of Turkey are not to be trifled with and bang a pretty hefty flavor punch – just think about kebabs or kofte! Some common ingredients that you’ll find in Turkish food are: ground beef, eggplant, lamb, beef, fish, chicken, and nuts among others. For additional flavor, they use olive oil, onions, tomato paste and cheese. Some common grains include rice, white flour, and bulgur. You can learn more here: Turkish Cuisine by the Turkish Cultural Foundation.

1500 year old boat found under Istanbul

1500 year old boat found under Istanbul

In general, Turkish food is very delicious and nutritious. With a vast variety of ingredients, spices, textures and traditions, Turkish cuisine is absolutely something that we all should be enjoying more. I hope that you will be joining us on the 21st, and if not, be sure to stop by Sofra (or its sister restaurant Oleana) at your own leisure.

Interested in brushing up on your Turkish knowledge outside of food? The Guardian and CIA World Factbook are full of facts and interesting stories. Also, want to read about something really cool? Sunken vessels were found under Istanbul by Dr. Ufuk Kocabas…he will be joining us in Boston in April, so get properly prepared for the event by reading about his findings!


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