Memorializing Peace

This past weekend was not only a weekend for family barbecues, beach, fun and the sun but was a weekend for recognizing those that both defend our country, as well as those that defend the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations.

The weekend started with the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers on Sunday May 29th, recognizing the efforts of the peacekeepers that work to spread peace throughout countries, as well as enforce and make adaptations to already existing regulations within countries in order to have an overall more peaceful society.   This is done through the actions of the UN Police, where in some situations they are given the task of being the main force of regulation for countries in need.  Currently, there are 120,000 brave men and women from 115 countries serving as UN peacekeepers in 14 of the most difficult regions in the world!  The 29th is intended to recognize both peacekeepers that have and continue to spread peace throughout the world, as well as those that have in the past, including those who tragically lost their lives doing so.

In fact, the danger associated with being a UN Peacekeeper was displayed this past week with an attack on Friday in Lebanon (May 27th) that injured six UN Peacekeepers from Italy as well as two Lebanese civilians.   The UN Peacekeepers were members of the UNIFIL the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, whose missions are related to helping the Lebanese military and enforcing peace within the country.  Despite the attack, the United Nations has continued to enforce their mission of peacekeeping and helping civilians in Lebanon that are in need.

This day of recognition is closely linked to Memorial Day, a U.S. national holiday which occurs at the end of each May, meant for recognizing those that fought and defended our country and lost their lives, as well as the “unofficial” start of the summer. Originally referred to as Decoration Day starting in 1888, it is a national holiday that was started in New York in 1866 after the Civil War to recognize those that had lost their lives fighting in the war as it continues to recognize those that fought and lost their lives in war after.

We look to recognize and appreciate the efforts of both the UN Peacekeepers and the national military, both who defend important missions and risk their lives to protect and defend those around the world.

You can do something right now to support the UN Peacekeepers and their mission of spreading peace throughout the world, by visiting the “UN Peacekeepers” link above (or Click Here), which gives you the opportunity to write a letter to a UN Peacekeeper and thank them for their efforts in spreading peace worldwide.  We can also continue to do our part every day to work to make this world more peaceful and just!


About UNA-GB

Founded over sixty years ago, the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNA-GB) is dedicated to building understanding of and support for the ideals and work of the UN among the Greater Boston community. We serve as a resource on the broad agenda of critical global issues addressed by the United Nations and its agencies: peacekeeping, human rights, humanitarian relief, economic development, and education.

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