Going Green Makes a Global Impact

Today marks the 41st Anniversary of Earth Day! Join us in celebrating the beautiful planet we live on and demonstrate your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. And for those of you who have not yet taken part in recycling or other going-green efforts, Earth Day is your opportunity to start making changes in your life and in your community.

The Earth Day Network‘s year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. This year, the organization’s goals are bigger than ever before.

A Billion Acts of Green,” the Earth Day Network’s 2011 theme, is the largest environmental advocacy and service project happening around the globe today! Help power the movement and pledge an act to save our planet here! According to the Earth Day Network’s website, “Every Act registered will be counted toward our ultimate goal of amassing one billion actions in advance of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.” Millions of individuals have already done so, and you should too!

In addition to this campaign, the Earth Day Network also needs your help to build a new green economy.  One way to help put Americans back to work and solve the climate crisis is by telling the U.S. Congress that you want comprehensive green jobs legislation. You can sign the petition here.

There are even more ways to honor the planet. Here are some green acts you can start doing right now:

  • Plant a tree
  • Brush your teeth without running water
  • Carpool
  • Commit to recycling in your home and at your office
  • Eat more locally grown food
  • Bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store
  • Use green cleaning products
  • Start a garden

What are other suggestions you have?  Post a comment below!


About UNA-GB

Founded over sixty years ago, the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNA-GB) is dedicated to building understanding of and support for the ideals and work of the UN among the Greater Boston community. We serve as a resource on the broad agenda of critical global issues addressed by the United Nations and its agencies: peacekeeping, human rights, humanitarian relief, economic development, and education.

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